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Readily available, with convenient delivery

Whether patients are living at home or at a long-term care facility, multiple distribution and delivery channels help make delivery of NUPLAZID® (pimavanserin) convenient. Partnerships with specialty pharmacies and distributors ensure broad, affordable access and quick delivery.

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In-office Care

Our 6 participating in-network specialty pharmacies dispense and deliver NUPLAZID directly to your patients at their choice of location:

  • Accredo
  • Advanced Care Scripts
  • AllianceRx Walgreens Prime
  • CVS Specialty Pharmacy
  • Diplomat
  • Humana
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Long-term Care

Over 1000 long-term care pharmacies have NUPLAZID available.

We have contracts with major long-term care GPOs and specialty distributors to ensure broad, affordable access and quick delivery to long-term care pharmacies.

NUPLAZID is available for direct purchase from our specialty distribution partners:

  • ASD Healthcare | 1-800-746-6273 | NUPLAZID
  • Cardinal Health | 1-844-794-7276 | NUPLAZID
  • McKesson Plasma and Biologics | 1-877-625-2566 | NUPLAZID
  • Morris & Dickson | 1-800-710-6100 | NUPLAZID

Supporting Documents

In long-term care settings, supportive documentation for the recommended use of NUPLAZID 34 mg should note that:

  • PD psychosis is an enduring and progressive disease1-3
  • NUPLAZID is the only therapy indicated for hallucinations and delusions associated with PD psychosis4,5
  • Gradual dose reduction may be contraindicated for enduring and progressive disease1

Request long-term care access and reimbursement

For access and reimbursement services for long-term care facilities or hospital in-patient pharmacies, work with your NUPLAZIDconnect Access Specialist. For more details, call the long-term care support hotline at 1-877-889-0739.

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