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Options for covering prescription costs

NUPLAZID® (pimavanserin) may be more affordable than you might expect, thanks to comprehensive coverage and financial assistance options to help your patients cover their prescription costs. A $0 co-pay is available to patients with commercial insurance who qualify when enrolled in NUPLAZIDconnect™, along with financial assistance options available for patients with no insurance. NUPLAZIDconnect helps patients navigate insurance and manage NUPLAZID costs.

Comprehensive coverage. Financial assistance. Affordable prescriptions.


100% of Medicare Part D plans cover NUPLAZID1


85% of Medicare Part D patients pay less than $10 for their NUPLAZID prescription*

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Government insurance (Medicare, Medicaid, and other government programs)

For government-sponsored patients, NUPLAZIDconnect may be able to provide information regarding independent foundations and/or other resources that may help your patient.

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Commercial insurance

NUPLAZID $0 co-pay

Commercial patients with insurance plans that cover NUPLAZID with a co-pay or co-insurance are eligible to receive NUPLAZID for $0, regardless of income.

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No insurance or NUPLAZID is not covered

NUPLAZIDconnect Patient Assistance Program

If patients do not have insurance or if their insurance does not cover NUPLAZID, they may be eligible to receive NUPLAZID for $0 through the NUPLAZIDconnect Patient Assistance Program.

*Around 15% of patients may pay more than $10 for their prescription. As reported by two representative specialty pharmacy organizations; Q1 2019 data.
NUPLAZIDconnect patient eligibility and terms and conditions apply.

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Free 14-day supply

Get your patients started on NUPLAZID right away with a free 14-day supply of NUPLAZID.

NUPLAZIDconnect can send a second free 14-day supply if extra time is needed for prior authorization.

Appropriate patients must be enrolled in NUPLAZIDconnect to be eligible for the free 14-day supply of NUPLAZID.

NUPLAZIDconnect patient eligibility and terms and conditions apply.

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